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Like we said, it’s the people not the product that make Bicycle Sport special.  Our staff has more experience on two wheels than most folks have in cars!  Whether you’re into bike racing, mountain biking, cyclocross, touring, commuting, or just like to ride for fun or fitness, we want to share the lessons we’ve learned, the tips and tricks and all that jazz that can make your experience on the bike even better!

Want to know more about the folks you’ll see when you pop in to Bicycle Sport?  To satisfy your morbid curiosity, scroll down to learn more about the people that make Bicycle Sport Charlotte’s best bike shop.

Ben Cooley, Owner

Road, Mountain, Gravel: Ben wants to ride them all. Better still, he wants you to ride them too-- and on a bike that is perfect for you. Ben's races, tours, travels and advocacy have helped Bicycle Sport become Charlotte's shop for riders of every kind. He's also co-founder of the award winning Learn to Ride program, which has put thousands of kids (and grown-ups) on two wheels. 

Bob Carter

From his days with the circus, or Levi's, his world tours - with bikes or without, and his love of good wine...Bob has all kinds of stories. Some of them are actually good. He's one of the founders of Tour de Turns (look it up!) which has helped cyclists do a ton of good for local food pantries. And it's a great ride too. Ask Bob about making the leap to an e-bike. 

Brian Roney

Blame the BMX scene for luring former teen heartthrob Brian into Bikes. We're still not sure if it was the pure pleasure of racing, the cool, "Cali" vibe or the dance theme from "Rad", but Brian has been all-in on this bike thing since then. He runs carpool in his ragtop Miata, is a closet slot car pro, and a super-fan of the Suarex apple fritter. Bike Broke? Brian can fix that.

Jack Moore

Jack knows a thing or two about bikes. As a former shop owner himself, he's been riding them, selling them, and building them for years. Aside from his obvious expertise, if you want to know the finer points of Japanese made screwdrivers, Jack is your guy. He's also a living encyclopedia of Gaston County history- the kind you won't find in text books.

Carol Vails

Carol has raised two sons, raced bikes as a pro, battled breast cancer, and worked in bicycle shops across the country before landing here at Bicycle Sport. Carol won the Florida State Masters Criterium Championships twice, and took 3rd at the Masters Nationals Criterium. She completed Ride the Rockies twice – and rode up Alpe d’Huez with her then-15-year-old son. 

Parker Davis

Parker joined the crew in spring of 2020, just when things got interesting. Since then, Parker’s been a real team player, whatever-it-takes kind of guy. He’s into road bikes and mountain bikes, and right now he’s a big fan of the trails at Purser Halsey. Can’t blame him. He’d be first in line to grab a steak with Chuck Norris, and believes if you can dodge a wrench, you can indeed dodge a ball. 

Matt Stahl

Riding bikes, digging trails, fishing, hiking… that’s what it takes to keep this 6’ 8” fella off the streets. Matt comes to us by way of suburban Atlanta; Fayetteville, actually, where the infamous “dance scene” in RAD inspired Matt to pursue his BMX passions. He never outgrew his love for tricks on tiny bikes, and hopes his on and off the bike exploits will add up to a life that would “make a good book or movie.”  Matt just wants other folks to see how much fun bikes can be. Is that so wrong? 

Chris Sheehan

Chris grew up on cul-de-sac in Northern California with some of the best cyclists in the country, so riding bikes was a given. He started racing the track at the local velodrome in San Jose at 13 years old, but the road was his true love. While still in his teens, Chris was lining up with his childhood idols like Greg LeMond and Laurent Fignon. Chris raced as a professional for the Saturn Cycling Team which brought him to North Carolina when he competed in the 1993 Tour DuPont. In 2008, he opened Uptown Cycles, which is now part of the Bicycle Sport family. Chris is the only certified Premium Retul fitter in the Charlotte area, and the only Level 2 fitter in North Carolina. With experience on the track, road, TT, and mountain bikes, Chris can help take your riding to the next level.

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